How has a brand “Made in Italy” become so popular?

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Nowadays, it is particularly difficult to find someone who has never heard about the magnificent Italian quality in many industries as cars manufacturing, gastronomy and especially exclusive clothing design. The best fashion traditions come from Venice, Florence, Rome and in the 2nd half of 20th century the Italian fashion design became oriented and accessible not only to the rich people, as it was before, but to many other social groups. 

The notoriety of Italian prêt-à-porter and the famous brand “Made in Italy” grow quite fast and become the most popular on the fashion market. The secret of this success can be explained by a significant number of talented Italian fashion designers who knew the needs of the market but also knew how to create new trends and commercialize their fabulous products. Various fashion shows, e.g. Milano fashion week, are organized to present new style trends, exchange the ideas, reunite industry influencers. Whereas some designers create new stylish jeans, others cut and trim them to find another approach and new waves of inspiration

Thus, Italy becomes a center of the fashion industry and the “Made in Italy” brand is a must-have in the wardrobe of every trendy man or woman. As proof of this success, more and more counterfeit products appear. The Italian Government approved a “100% Made in Italy” project that must protect, certify and guarantee the authenticity and quality of products. 

The Italian fashion designers proved us that their creations were not a temporary phenomenon, and that Italy is not only about pizza and beaches. Thanks to those fashion geniuses, Italy stole the hearts of millions not only for one summer or one season but forever! 

At Il Quarto Stile fashion workshop, we are glad to be part of “Made in Italy” culture and to bring it in our boutiques on the French Riviera. Designed by Lara Quarto, our stunning women’s clothing collections represent that famous elegance and creativity that Italy is so famous for!


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La fabrication italienne dépasse la française, je n'avais jamais de doutes en ça. Sinon, un très bon article !

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