Il Quarto Stile workshop

B to B creation

Would you like to create a prototype, a piece of clothing or an accessory?
Or maybe, you want to see you own collection to assess the look and the fit of your garments ?
For 9 years, Il Quarto Stile has been developing her own tailor-made creation technique that adapts to any type of project.

Based on your specifications, we propose you all-inclusive packages according to your needs : research of materials, drawing clothes sketches, patronage, creation of prototypes…
Il Quarto Stile also provides you consulting and styling services for specific projects and missions such as wedding, First Communion, research of raw materials, photo shooting organization, etc.
Beyond that, our company supports and manages textile and accessories production, in small, medium and large quantities : contact with French and Italian manufacturers, logo design, textile printing, fabric customization and much more…