Lara Quarto

Amalgam of talent, experience and creativity

Lara Quarto, the founder of the brand Il Quarto Stile (en: the 4th Style) invents in 2009 a totally new, „4th“ style, a breath of fresh air for Fashion coming directly from the North of Italy.

This is how Lara’s spirit reveals throughout new creations.

The balanced and intelligent encounter between the originality of Haute Couture and the comfort of sportswear...

This is in Turin, in Lara’s hometown, where she draws her influences in the 80s, a decade of Italian Fashion‘s excellence whose brands were synonymous with the highest quality.

The Italian style is very present but free of diktats and any rigorous fashion trends. This is the real strength of Made in Italy, points out the Il Quarto Stile‘s founder.

From now on, Lara delivers her fashion approach in the 21st century. This is the "re-evolution" of style.

Timeless models and extravagant cuttings that let woman feel free and express her unique personality... These are the features of Il Quarto Stile’s woman!

"It is not about analyzing a life course, the desire to realize a project or the burst of passion which comes to me accidently...
For me, it is all about understanding. So, I take my time to analyze, weigh the efforts and objectives I have achieved...

J’ai toujours fait ça, j’ai toujours dessiné….
Je ne sais même pas quand tout a commencé très précisément : vers trois ans, mon père et moi réalisions, pour s’occuper le dimanche, des sculptures en métal, des barres carrées ou des cylindres de différentes longueurs avec des trous en guise de fenêtres. Nous imaginions des paysages de grandes métropoles, comme New York ! Le plus étonnant c’est qu’il n’avait jamais voyagé en dehors de l’Italie !!!

Since I remember, I’ve been always drawing. I do not even know when this whole story has begun. Around the age of 3, my father and I were creating metal sculptures, square bars and cylinders of various lengths with holes in the form of windows. We were imaginating landscapes of big cities like New York or Tokyo... The most amazing thing is that he had never traveled outside Italy ! He was assembling those small artworks to make 3D paintings and, to put them together into one, coherent picture, he was drawing on a cardboard background an idyllic sky with pastel pencils. If I close my eyes, I can still smell that scent of pastel, cardboard and scrap metal...

That's where my connection with colors and materials comes from.
It was then that my father, without knowing it, formed my future and that's why I probably started drawing to be, unconsciously, like him..."

Lara Quarto